Praveen's Profile

Praveen offers both business and technology consulting to startups and enterprises. On the business side, he mentors innovative teams and help them with ideation, product design, evangelism, go to market plans and raising funds. On the technology side, he puts together the software architecture for Cloud, BigData and DevOps with Containers, AI/ML, IoT, Cognitive Services and Bots around Azure, AWS, Google and IBM Cloud platforms.

Praveen has been helping teams architect and design planet scale intelligent solutions for over a decade. He is currently working with startups around AI/ML algorithms that power a robotic medical device,a cognitive video based assessment system and a digital health assessment platform.

He has worked with customers across the globle including India, USA, Canada, UK, Ghana and Singapore. He is a well known speaker at various conferneces like CxO Summit, AIG Olympics, Microsoft TechED (NA), GIDS, Azure Conf, DataPlatformGeeks, Microsoft DevDays, TechSummit, DroidConf, DellEMC HPC Conf, Open DataScience Conference (ODSC) and Machine Learning Developer Summit (MLDS). He has contributed articles to DellEMC blog and has hosted the Cloud Chronicles - a set of CxO conversations on leveraging the cloud in various industries like Manufacturing, ITeS, BFSI and Healthcare.



Work Experience

Director, in4Velocity

As Director of in4velocity, lead the initial releases of the product that was an complete end to end ERP for services sector. It had modules for CRM, HR, Legal, Finance, Projects, Documents, Reporting etc. It was later modified to support a complete ERP for the real-estate sector. It went on to acquire 300+ customers in multiple countries.


Microsoft Practice Head, Orbit-e Consulting

Managed the Microsoft Practice delivery of a services solutions for a large pharmacy firm in India. Participated in conceptualizing the architeture for various solution proposals that we offered to customers. Helped with the overall design of the internal portal and then helped to hive it off into a separate product and a separate company - in4velocity.


Project Manager, Aditi Technologies (now HARMAN)

Architected and later managed the delivery of a dotcom solution on Commerce server for a retail client in Europe. This led to a long term engagement and the client continued with ADITI as a partner for over 7 years. Also managed the initial development of a generic framework for developing software solutions on Java and EJB.


Team Lead, CITIL (Citicorp) (now Oracle Financials)

Started on a project for an Investment Banking solution and went on to be part of the team that productized the solution with SQL4.2 (Sybase) and Access 2.0 as the frontend. Was also a consultant at Citibank, Tampa, FL for a year aiding in the migration of a proprietary (AS400/Pinnacle Plus) solution to a client-server solution. Lead a team to deliver a customized version of the Investment Banking product to a large client in europe.



After schooling in Bangalore (National English School, Rajajinagar), Nigeria (Okene High School) and Ranchi (DAV JVM), Praveen got his degree in Mechanical Engineering from REC Surathkal (now NITK). He completed the professional DataScience Certification course on HarvardX in 2019 and he is currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology from IGNOU.

REC Surathkal (B.E. Mechanical)

Praveen did his engineering with a mechanical degree in REC Surathkal, now called NITK. An average student, he was fascinated with computers and spent time writing programs for thermodynamics and gear design in fortran in his 3rd year. He did his final year project on CAD computing and was selected by one of the first companies on campus (CITICORP) as a software engineer despite his degree in mechanical engineering. Since then he has evolved into a software professional and has made his career around digital technologies.


DAVJVM, Ranchi (Class VIII - Class XII)

Praveen joined DAVJVM when his father was transferred to MECON,Ranchi. Starting in class 8 with no prior knowledge in Hindi, he struggled with the language even as he excelled in maths and science. Teachers like Mrs Ramani Thyagarajan, Mrs Meera Krishnaswamy, Kar Sir and Mrs Asha Singh shaped his education as he stumbled along finding his way in between education and life. An introvert by nature, he made a lot of friends, but was rarely in any group activities like sports or music. He spent time with a friend - Vivek, with whom he shared a passion for mathematical equations and patterns.


Okene High School, Nigeria (Class VI - Class VII)

Praveen joined Okene high School along with 12 other indian kids from Ajaokuta, Nigeria. A laid back place in the hills which was about 120kms from home, it was a very different schooling experience. The syllabus was of Oxford standard and included a high quality of Maths and Science. Most of the nigerian kids in Okene were older, with some as old as 28 (married with kids) when studying in class 7. It was a fun time and allowed the kids to be curious and explore and not be bogged down by studies and marks. The Indian diaspora celerated festivals, had potluck dinners, watched movies, planned world-tours and also connected with russion, french and german colonies. Travel (to Europe and the US) was one of the best teachers and expanded the view of the world at a young age. When his dad bought a ZX-81 Sinclair, he was first exposed to the world of computers and programming.


National English School, Rajajinagar 1st Phase, Bangalore (UKG - Class V)

As his family moved to Rajajinagar, Praveen continued his education at National English School. This gave him the advantage of learning english as a first language. Somewhere around class 4, he along with some friends, started devouring books from a new library and it started off a lifelong passion for reading. Average at studies, he also tried painting, but goofing off with friends in various games was his main past time.


Mahila Mandali Montessori, N.R.Colony, Bangalore (Nursery - LKG)

This marked the beggining of Praveen's formal education. With the montessori way of learning, he spent time at a young age learning to polish his shoes, stitch clothes and other basic activities.